Senior Thesis


Eco 498/499
Fall 2012-Winter 2013
Eshragh Motahar

Office Hours:  By appointment.  Location:  Lippman Hall 219.
Telephone:  (518) 388-6065
Fax:  (518) 388-6988


Course Material
Syllabus Departmental Senior Thesis Policies
Presentations to the Group Style Guidelines
Oral Examination Fifteen-page requirement
EViews and FRED Final Copy of the thesis
Data Sources
World Bank Foreign Trade (US Census Bureau)
United Nations [discussion point]
Useful Sites
Bibliothèque virtuelle sur le développement international Glossary of Terms
Brookings Institution International Political Economy
Dismal Science The Mining Company
The Economist Roubini's World Macro
Electronic Policy Network US International Trade Commission
EViews and DRI Writing Center (Union College)

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